7 Tips for Better Black and White photo


How often do you make a black and white photo? Many say that b / w photo - eternal. Indeed,in these photos has something special, which is not in the photo taken incolor. In this lesson, you will learn 7 black-and-white tips of your photos,that will make them unforgettable.


1. Take photos in Raw format

Many people can not take pictures with minimal processing (as their camera does not give such a possibility), or they simply do not want to work with this format (or do not know how or they do not like), but anyway, to color conversion in black white was the highest quality, you need to use the RAW format, if it is still available in your camera.

You, of course, say that the JPEG can achieve the desired result, but if there is a choice, then listen to our advice, then you are greatly surprised at how many new possibilities open to you during processing.


2. Take color photo

 If your camera has no RAW format (or you decide not to play with them), then make color images and convert to black and white is already on the computer.

Even if your digital camera offers just make black-and-white pictures (and why not, the results can even be quite good), but with color data, you will have more control over the end result.

The RAW format you can immediately switch to black and white mode, because the camera will save all the information, even color.


3. Low level of ISO

Shoot at the lowest ISO. Many are doing so by photographing in color format, but also in black and white is very important because at high ISO settings creates noise, which can then be expressed strongly in the photo.

You can add this noise when processing on the computer, but you remove the excess will not be possible without loss of image quality.


4. Choose the best time for shooting

Many photographers prefer to make black-and-white pictures with low contrast. So next time, when the street will be overcast cloudy weather, be sure to bring your camera and take a couple of shots. 

On the other hand, high-quality color photos at this time do not due to poor lighting.


5. Think about the composition

Most councils colored frame composition suitable for black-and-white, but the obvious difference is that you can not choose the color by using the frame. This means that you have to train yourself to look at the shape, tone, texture within your frame.

Pay attention to the shadows and the light, because they will be the main feature of the frame.


6. Create a contrast

Tonal contrast is important in all types of images, especially black and white. No matter what a contrast (low or high), you can achieve a very deep effect in a certain atmosphere and mood of the surrounding environment. Natural contrast of your photos will give it the choice of the correct forms.

 For example, a black horse in front of a bright sky will be the source of contrast. Also affected by the amount and direction of light.

You can influence the direction of the light, taking pictures at a certain time of day. Low angle of light, for example, creates interesting shadows. So, try to take pictures of the morning or evening.


7. Focus on form

Interesting shapes will help you make an unusual and bold frames. For example, to highlight the contour of an object, you need to find the right tone between the subject and the background. Try to select different camera angles, which are contrary to the laws of photography.

Base the exposure on a light background. It is important to understand how the shape affects the image in the final result. For example, if you are behind the sun is shining, the light distribution is smooth, but the photo may look too flat.

But once you make friends with the light, your work will have a different look.

By the way, if you take pictures at an angle of 45 or 90 with respect to the sun, the photograph is formed the required volume from the shadow of falling away from your subject.

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